1. What type of liposuction do you offer? 

2. How experienced are you in performing liposuction? 

3. What parts of the body can be treated with liposuction? 

4. What are the risks associated with liposuction? 

5. What type of anesthesia will be used during the procedure? 

6. How long will the procedure take? 

7. What type of aftercare is required? 

8. How long will it take to see the full results of the liposuction? 

9. How long will I need to take off from work? 

10. Are there any other procedures that can be combined with liposuction? 

11. How much does the procedure cost? 

12. Are there any financing options available? 

13. What type of follow-up care is necessary? 

14. What will my recovery time be like? 

15. Are there any lifestyle changes that I should make to maintain the results? 

16. What kind of scarring should I expect? 

17. Are there any activities that I should avoid while I’m recovering? 

18. Are there any long-term side

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