1. How many facelift procedures have you performed? 

2. Are you board certified in plastic surgery? 

3. What type of facelift do you recommend for me? 

4. How long is the recovery time? 

5. What type of anesthesia will be used? 

6. What are the risks and potential complications of the procedure? 

7. How much experience do you have with facelift surgery? 

8. What are the results of facial plastic surgery? 

9. How long will the results of the facelift last? 

10. How much discomfort can I expect after the surgery?

11. What type of follow-up care will be necessary? 

12. Are there any other procedures that I should consider in combination with the facelift? 

13. What will my scarring look like after surgery? 

14. What is the cost of the procedure? 

15. What type of post-operative care will be provided? 

16. What kind of lifestyle changes should I make before and after surgery? 

17. How long will I need to stay in the hospital or clinic after my facelift? 18. What kind of follow up visits should I expect?

19. Will I

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