1. What kind of experience do you have with eyelid surgery? 

2. Is eyelid surgery the right treatment for my desired outcome? 

3. What type of anesthesia will be used? 

4. What should I expect during recovery? 

5. What are the potential risks and complications associated with eyelid surgery?

6. How long will the surgery take and what type of follow-up care is needed? 

7. Are there any non-surgical alternatives to eyelid surgery? 

8. What is the cost and what payment options are available? 

9. How long will the results of eyelid surgery last? 

10. Is there any scarring associated with eyelid surgery? 

11. How long will I need to take off from work after eyelid surgery? 

12. What should I do to prepare for eyelid surgery? 

13. How do I choose the right plastic surgeon for my needs? 

14. What type of follow-up care will I need after eyelid surgery? 

15. How will I be informed of the results of my surgery? 

16. What should I do if I experience any complications after eyelid surgery? 

17. Is there anything I should avoid after eyelid surgery?

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