1. What type of buttock enhancement procedure are you recommending? 

2. How long will the procedure take? 

3. What type of anesthesia will be used? 

4. How long is the recovery time? 

5. What kind of scarring can be expected? 

6. What type of post-operative care is necessary? 

7. How long will the results last? 

8. What risks and complications are associated with the procedure? 

9. Are there any restrictions on activity following the procedure? 

10. Are there any alternative treatments that I should consider? 

11. How much experience do you have performing this procedure?

12. Are there any before and after photos of your work that I can view?

13. Are there any specific instructions I need to follow before and after the procedure? 

14. What type of follow-up care will be provided? 15. How much will the procedure cost?

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