Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to alter the size and shape of the nose. The steps for the procedure typically involve the following: 1. Initial Consultation: During this stage, the patient will meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss their desired outcome and ask questions about the procedure. 2. Pre-operative Evaluation: During this stage, the patient will undergo a physical evaluation and imaging to determine the size, shape, and structure of the nose. 3. Anesthesia: Once the patient is prepped for the procedure, anesthesia will be administered. 4. Surgery: During the surgical procedure, the surgeon will reposition the nose and remove tissue to reshape the nose to the desired result. 5. Post-operative Care: After the surgery, the patient will be monitored and may be given medications to manage pain and reduce swelling. 6. Follow-up: After the surgery, the patient will be required to attend follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing is taking place.

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