1. The first step in a buttock enhancement procedure is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your desired outcome. During this consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the different types of buttock enhancement procedures available. During this consultation, you will also be able to review before and after pictures of previous patients who have had a buttock enhancement procedure. 

2. Once you and your surgeon have decided on the best type of procedure for you, you will be given instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. These instructions may include stopping certain medications, avoiding certain foods, and stopping smoking. 

3. The day of the surgery you will arrive at the surgical center and meet with the anesthesiologist who will administer the anesthesia. 

4. The buttock enhancement procedure will begin once the anesthesia has taken effect. Depending on the type of procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the buttock area and insert an implant, fat graft, or transfer fat from other areas of the body. 

5. Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon will close the incisions and apply dressings to the area. 

6. After the surgery, you will be moved

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